The Aluminium Profile and Aluminium Frames for Exhibitions by PHI are amongst the best in the industry. PHI Displays are one of the leading suppliers of Aluminium Profile in UK.

Retailers, Exhibitors and Marketing Professionals are demanding larger backdrops that are easy to transport and assemble. They are also demanding more dramatic graphics. The Quick Fab Aluminium Frame is the perfect solution. The unique double sided Aluminium Profile supports graphics front and back for greater impact.

Aluminium Profile

Aluminium Profiles are transforming how Retailer’s Sell, Exhibitor’s Exhibit, Marketer’s Market and Designer’s Design. Imagine a simple Aluminium Profile that can be transformed into a freestanding, wall-mounted or suspended Frame of Aluminium.

Imagine being able to create an exhibition, showroom, gallery, office or presentation from a simple Profile of Aluminium, without tools and little training. Imagine a display whereby you can send huge, replacement graphics, any where in the world in an envelope. Your Aluminium Profile allows you to do this.

Your Aluminium Profile is the most cost effective display solution on the market. Not only is it very economic to buy, it is inexpensive to transport and easy to install. Replacement Graphic Panels are also inexpensive and very durable. Textile graphics can be washed and ironed. Your Aluminium Profile Graphics are guaranteed not to fade which enhances your peace of mind.

Aluminium Profile Graphics are more vivid, brighter and have more contrast than conventional graphics which makes them ultimate choice for more demanding marketing events.

Aluminium Frame: Quick Fab

Quick Fab, is a simple, revolutionary, Free Standing Aluminium Frame. Quick Fab is a powerful display stand, designed for Exhibitors, Retailers, Sales and Marketing Professionals. Quick Fab Aluminium Frame, is tailor made to your individual requirements. You may choose not only the size and format of your Frame, you may also choose the type of infill panel you require. The Aluminium Profile can house coloured nyloop infills, Frontrunner, PVC, fabric or textile graphics.

The Aluminium Profile allows you to insert your graphic panels with ease. You require no specialist knowledge or tools.

Find out today, how Aluminium Frame and Aluminium Profile from PHI Displays in UK can impact on your marketing by emailing us at or download the free brochure today!